Nuestro Equipo

Meet the Latinx folks behind the organization.


Cristina Amaya
President and Co Founder Latinx in Games

Cristina is an Event Manager at Unity Technologies with a passion for building gaming communities and providing gamers with fun, engaging and unique experiences. She's been in the industry for 5 years working at companies like Twitch, Discord and is a competitive Kirby main.

Juan Vaca
Chair and Co-Founder Latinx in Games

Juan is an award-winning Narrative Designer. He is an advocate for authentic representation in storytelling and recognizes games can be a powerful tool for creating player empathy.
In his limited free time, Juan plays music in a jug band and comes up with puns and dad jokes.

Judith Barbosa
Co-Founder, Social Media Manager

Judy is the head of NYC League of Legends, League of Libations, Overwatch Overpour, and has made it her passion to bring people together for the sake of gaming.

Elaine gomez
Co-Founder, Community Director

Elaine is a Game Designer at E-Line Media, independent Unity developer and games educator. She enjoys connecting with people and helping them find pathways towards their goals. Elaine teaches at Rutgers University and at E-Line Media's youth game studio initiative, Make Room. She is an avid player of first person shooters and likes anything pink.

joe tirado CO-Founder, Director of Operations

Joe is the comms lead at System Era, developer of Astroneer. Before that, he worked as a journalist at various gaming outlets.