Our Mission

We believe that the Latinx Community is strong in it’s diversity, unstoppable when united and capable of changing the face of gaming. We welcome all those who identify as Latinx regardless of ability to speak Spanish, how many generations removed or even just a passing interest in our incredibly varied culture. We exist to provide the Latinx Community with a platform, a stage to voice our opinions, a hub to gather our community, and a home where we all feel welcomed.

“ I am fully enough. And you’re enough. And the girl that’s half and half is enough. And the girl that only speaks Spanish is enough[…] If we’re united - unstoppable”
— Gina Rodriguez on being Latino Enough

Current Goals

  • Provide a centralized hub for all Latinx Gaming events, projects and communities

  • Spotlight content creators within the gaming space who identify with the Latinx Community

  • Elevate Latinx Game Developers

  • Create a LARGE Database of Latinx Game Devs, Content Creators + Industry Contacts

  • Provide a professional network for the Latinx Community that helps foster careers and mentorship.

  • Allow all voices to be heard through panels, speaking opportunities and elevating our community to the forefront of all gaming conferences, events and more.